Enter license key

When you have received a new license key, you can redeem it in your profile. You can get to your profile by either clicking on MY ACCOUNT in the main menu of the native app or by using the tile of the same name. In the web app you can also find your profile via the main menu or you can click on your name in the header.

In your profile, under your profile picture, you will find your subscription status and the option to redeem your license key. You can also see whether your subscription is still active and until when your subscription is still valid.

Click on REDEEM LICENSE KEY to extend or activate your subscription.

Redeemed license keys extend an existing subscription for the full number of days of validity. This means that if you have an active license that is still valid for 100 days and redeems a license key with 365 days, then you have a subscription that is valid for 465 days.

Attention: If you have taken out a subscription in one of the AppStores and enter a license key purchased elsewhere, entering the license key does not end your subscription in the respective AppStore. You then have to cancel your subscription manually in the AppStore so that two subscriptions do not run at the same time.