What does FiR (Fairway in Regulation) means?

A fairway is considered FiR (Fairway in Regulation) as a "hit" when the ball comes to rest on the fairway after the tee shot at a PAR 4 or PAR 5 hole. 

If a ball hits the fairway, but then rolls into the semi-rough, it is not a "Fairway hitthat counts for the FiR Stats

To calculate FiR percentage, the number of Fairway hit s will be divided thru the number of PAR 4s. and 5s 

No fairway can be hit on PAR 3, even if a fairway is there.

Pros hit an average of 60.9% of the fairways on PAR 4 holes. For PAR 5 holes, the rate is a little lower. Tour players only hit 58.8% of the fairways here.

It's important to know, that Fairway hit alone does not yet make a statement about the quality of the shot, as this evaluation disregards the length of the shot. A 300m drive that is in the semi-rough is very likely to be preferred to a 160m tee shot in the middle of the fairway.

Therefore we recommend, in addition to the FiR-Stats, especially the SGnumbers (Strokes Gained) from tee In this calculation, both the length of the stroke and the position of the ball are taken into account.