What filter options do I have?

For all stats you have numerous filters to choose from in order to classify your gaming performance even better. 

COURSE - Here you can choose between home and foreign courses.

NUMBER OF ROUNDS - Define the number of rounds you want to see in the statistics.

NUMBER OF HOLES - Decide whether you want to evaluate all rounds or only 9- or 18-hole rounds.

Round Type - Determine whether you want to do all rounds or just one or more of the different types of rounds (Tournament, Practice, Social) you want to evaluate.

WEATHER - Here you can set the temperature and wind and see how your performance changes in different weather conditions.

PERIOD - With this filter you can define any or pre-set period for your viewing.

FRONT 9/BACK 9 - Here you can evaluate your playing performance on the different 9-hole rounds.

PAR - Set which holes you want to look at in your evaluation. Are you a better putter on PAR 3 lanes than on PAR 5?