What GiR (Greens in Regulation) means?

For a green in regulation (GiR), the ball must ...

  • ... lie on the green after the first shot on a PAR 3.
  • ... lie on the green after the second shot on a PAR 4.
  • ... lie on the green after the third shot on a PAR 5.

In this case it's a so-called "green hit".

Tour Pros hit an average of 66.3% of the greens at PAR 3 holes, 66.6% for PAR 4 holes and 66.9% for PAR 5 holes.

The number of "green hits"GiRdepends on the following factors:

  • Distance to the green with the
  • Lie of the ball (if you hit a ball from the fairway, you had a higher chance of hitting the green then you had if you shoot from the rough)
  • Size and hardness of the green
  • External influences such as wind, weather and height differences
  • Driving Distance on PAR 4s
  • Position of the layup shot at PAR 5s


A green hit alone is not a guarantee for a good round. The quality of the putt then plays a major role.

Players who hit a lot of greens usually need a lot of putts because they are often not close enough to the hole with the first putt.

Accordingly, players with a small number of putts often hit less greens.