How do I create a GAME PLAN?

With the help of the FORE app you can easily create GAME PLAN


A GAME PLAN is a plan prepared in advance how the golf course can be played in the best possible way with the available resources and skills. It is always a hypothetical attempt to anticipate all strokes and striking tasks and is very helpful in preparing for a tournament or a new golf course.


To create a GAME PLAN go toEdit Roundsand tab "create new round". Select the golf course for which you want to make a GAME PLAN and in the second step enter your target score. Often the target score is a PAR round, as most players will try to play PAR on every hole. But you can also plan your round with a different score.


Now go through the shots you want to make hole by hole. The easiest way to start is by placing the tee shot. Also pay attention to how far you still have to go into the green and see which clubs are suggested by the software for the shots.


In the end you shouldn't sign the round, otherwise it will be included in your statistics. Just leave them as unsigned rounds in this case you can change your GAME PLAN later.