Ball lost or out? How do I add a penalty stroke?

If you have a Lost ball (or hit it out of bounds), just do this in the follow-up process:

  1. It is important that you have entered the correct score, so that the correct number of strokes including the penalty stroke are displayed in the table.
  2. You move the first spot to where you hit it. In this example right out of bounds.
  3. Place the second shot (it's the penalty shot) on the tee.
  4. Place the spot of the third shot to that point where your third shot came to rest.
  5. You can then position all other strokes as usual.

But one thing you had to do in addition...

You had to change the shot type of the second shot because it was not a shot but a penalty.Change "Transport" to "Penalty".

The software now correctly processes the penalty stroke.