Wie funktioniert FORE mit Apple Watch?

  1. Always start tracking on the phone first
  2. Select the "Start Watch" button on the phone

It may take a while for the data to be transferred from the phone to the watch. If you have not already saved the course locally on your phone, the data must first be loaded from the phone via the Internet. All of this takes time.

This screen should now appear on your watch. Please press “Start” here as well. Now the watch takes over the tracking and shot detection.

It is best to start the round before the start so that you have enough time for all of this.

The range finder shows you the distance to the middle of the green (Mid), the front of the green (Front) and the back of the green (Back).

It also shows how far you are off the tee. This is helpful if you either want to know how far your shot was or you have to search for a ball and the information helps you to narrow down the search area.

The GPS signal comes from your watch and is synced to the phone. Depending on the golf course, it may take a little while for the correct distance to be displayed.

You can use the arrow keys to change the fairway if it is not displayed correctly.

To switch screens, you have to swipe sideways across the screen. The dots at the bottom of the display show you which screen you are on.

On the scorecard screen you can enter your score. This is also synchronized with the phone. Therefore, your phone should always be nearby (e.g. in your bag).

Please enter the total number of your strokes under Score and the putts made from them under Putts.

The hole does not change automatically. Please make sure that you enter your score on the correct hole.

In the settings you can see the health data determined by FORE. FORE also transmits this data to Apple's Health App. 

However, rounds of golf are saved there as "Going outdoors". Unfortunately, this cannot be arranged differently on our part, since otherwise the battery life would be too short.

If you want a message whether a shot has been detected, you can set that here. However, you will get a message for every swing that FORE recognizes - even for test swings. This can also unsettle you.

For the evaluation and follow-up, FORE will then only show you the relevant shots.